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British Science Week

Science Week


During British Science Week we had a wonderful time.  We had visitors in school, parents in school and the most amazing activities ever!


Mobile Educational Learning Improving Simulation Safety Activities

On board the MELISSA bus, we met Daisy.  Daisy is a mannequin used to deliver training to doctors and nurses.  We had a wonderful opportunity to see how Daisy works and even have a little try. 


ERIIC The Brainarium

Educational Resource through Informative Inflatable Cerebrum

As one of only three in the world, we were proud to have Eriic in school.  Eriic is used as an educational tool, supporting delirium, dementia and other neurological conditions awareness.   

We were lucky to have a walk through Eriic, it provided an insight into some of the many neurological conditions, including: Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, dementia, migraine, tumours and more.  The children and staff had a wonderful experience and found out lots of information. 

ERIIC the Brainarium
Take a look at our photos of this fabulous day!

Success4All Learning Bus

Also during Science Week we were visited by the Success4All learning bus.  Kirsty has been supporting us in the teaching of STEM science lessons.  We have a wonderful time when the bus comes to school.  All the children enjoy the challenges they are set.  

KS1 Battle of the Beaks


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