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Post Covid PE


Hooray!  Things are getting back to normal and physical activity is growing and growing at Larkspur.

We have been fortunate enough to engage in more physical activities in school and out of school.  

Year 5 have taken part in Hoops for Health ran by Newcastle Eagles

Year 3/4 have been coached by Newcastle Falcons Rugby and taken part in a Tag Rugby tournament.

Year 5 have been taught Bike Ability and Road Safety

More of our Year 5 and Year 6 children have achieved their Swimming Certificate.

Reception are going to be performing at Gateshead's Dance Festival and have taken part in an inter school multi skills sports festival.

Things are looking good!




Within our school we have had three intra school tournaments this year.

We have had a KS2 Dodgeball tournament- Won by Oak Team

We have had a Y3/4 tennis tournament - Won by Rowan

We have just recently had a whole school intra athletics tournament - Won by Rowan.

And very soon we will be celebrating Sports Day.

We will have a carousel of fun activities in the morning and then move on to athletic competitions in the afternoon.  We are all preparing for this in our PE lessons.




Last year we were proud to receive a Silver Blazing the Trail Award.  This award is given to schools who participate in cross curriculum activities related to PE.

So far we have the following certificates- Excellence, Resilience, Determination and Respect.


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