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Larkspur pupils receive an exciting and varied music curriculum

Every child experiences weekly music sessions in class, where they develop a range of skills in listening and appraising music, musical composition (creating their own music) and singing.


In addition to weekly sessions pupils also engage in a whole school weekly singing lesson.  Additional musical opportunities are offered through extended curriculum sessions, including recorder sessions, choir and keyboard.


Early Years:

The Early Years curriculum creates daily opportunities to listen to a variety of musical genres, learn songs and play a range of instruments.  Music plays an important part in their daily routines, supporting all areas of learning.  Pupils in Early Years receive a weekly music session led by our resident music specialist Mr Parkin.  He takes them on an exciting musical adventure each week through song, dance and use of percussion.


Key Stage One:

Pupils in years 1 and 2 receive weekly music sessions in class.  They are also led by Mr Parkin.  Each session includes learning to play a whole class instrument - for our Key Stage 1 pupils they learn the chime bars.


Key Stage Two:

In years 3, 4, 5 and 6 our pupils receive weekly music sessions led by a subject specialist.

Year 3: Ukulele sessions

Year 4: Ukulele sessions 

Year 5: Guitar sessions

Year 6: Guitar sessions


During these sessions pupils have the opportunity to listen to and appraise music; learn new skills on a range of instruments including voice; compose and make their own musical inventions and explore a variety of genres and styles, past and present.

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