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Hoops for Health

Year 5 are working with the Newcastle Eagles doing Hoops for Health.  On Thursday the 7th of January 2016 and Thursday 14th of January 2016 the children in Year 5 are working with coaches for the whole afternoon.  



  • To encourage young people to look at how their lifestyle choices affect their health in both the long and short term.
  • To promote and discuss the following healthy living issues:-

Nutrition and water, Smoking Cessation, The importance of keeping fit and its link to a healthy heart, Introduction to basketball as a healthy sporting activity

  • To promote sport, and in particular basketball, as a diversionary activity.
  • To encourage young people to become physically active.



  • Stage 1 Roadshows
  • Stage 2 Coaching in schools
  • Stage 3 Regional tournaments
  • Stage 4 Tournament Finals


The children have already done part of the program before Christmas when they took part in a roadshow.  They are now taking part in the coaching in schools. 

We look forward to posting photos of the children at the regional tournament.


 Please take a look at the Hoops for Health website. 

Hoops 4 Health

We had an amazing time at the Hoops 4 Health tournament. 

We tried very hard and it was a wonderful experience. 

Unfortunately we didn't get through to the second round.   

3 of our boys were selected for free basketball sessions. 

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