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Design and Technology at Larkspur

At Larkspur our Design and Technology curriculum aims to develop pupils creativity and imagination by providing activities and projects that give opportunities to design, make and evaluate products that solve real problems within a variety of contexts.  Our pupils are given opportunities to develop a broad subject knowledge that explores mathematics, engineering, computing, science and art.


Our teachers plan design and technology sessions that develop creative, technical and practical skills, building on their existing knowledge and understanding.  Pupils are given opportunities to evaluate their own and one another's ideas and products.  Our long term skills progression grid, structures and supports our pupils' individual development and progress in the subject.


Current Design and Technology Developments

  • African Day - Whole school project to develop children's understanding the world.  Opportunities included - food preparation and testing, mask making, print making, geography of Africa, dance and music.
  • World Games Day - Food Around the World - all pupils develop nutritional understanding and have the opportunity to learn how to cook a meal.

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