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Curriculum at Larkspur

The curriculum is taught in a variety of ways using staff experience and expertise. A subject-based approach operates across Key Stages 1 & 2. However, as circumstances warrant, a cross – curricular or topic based teaching style is adopted.


For more information on how we deliver each National Curriculum subject please scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the relevant subject icon.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Foundation stage (Nursery and Reception classes) follow the Early Learning Goals, which lead into the National Curriculum. There are seven Areas of Learning: Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Knowledge and Understanding of the World, Creative Development and Physical Development.


In Key Stages 1 (infant classes) and in Key Stage 2 (junior classes), the National Curriculum is followed and can be divided into core subjects and foundation subjects.

The core subjects are ENGLISH, MATHEMATICS, and SCIENCE and more time is devoted to these very important areas of the curriculum. The foundation subjects are ICT; Design Technology; History; Geography; Art; Music; MFL and Physical Education. In addition, our school provides Religious Education and a daily act of collective worship.


Information Technology, Design and Technology, History, Geography, Music, Art, and Physical Education also form part of the National Curriculum.



Collective worship takes place daily. Assemblies are broadly Christian, although different religions are recognised at appropriate times. Emphasis is also laid upon mutual care, dependability, understanding and trust. Assemblies take place either as a whole school.

On occasions, visitors are invited to conduct the Assemblies. Sometimes visitors may represent a variety of faiths found in our community. This adds an interesting dimension to collective worship. Parents may withdraw their children from

Assemblies and Religious Education lessons under Section 25 of the Education Act 1944. Withdrawn children will be supervised by a member of the school support staff during times of collective worship, and be engaged in tasks, which support learning in areas of the curriculum. To withdraw pupils, parents need to discuss this with the Head Teacher.
This is based upon the agreed syllabus provided by the Gateshead Local Education Authority. The School is a community school with no particular religious affiliation. In accordance with Education Act legislation, the School provides for the spiritual development of pupils throughout the curriculum.


Whilst much of the work carried out has a Christian emphasis, the School provides pupils with the knowledge of other worldwide religions, and to encourage sensitivity to the religious feelings of others. Children will have the opportunity to learn about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism religions.
The policy of the teaching of sex education is in accordance with that adopted by the Gateshead Local Education Authority, and approved by the School Governors.

An opportunity for the Year 6 children to participate in structured sex education lessons will be available in the Summer Term. A structured health education programme exists in Key Stage 2. The school nurse will support the delivery of this area. Parents are given the opportunity to see and hear all about the school’s approach in this area, before lessons begin for the children. Parents may withdraw their children from this lesson. We hope to create a climate in which the children feel able to ask questions and have those answered by teachers tactfully, but honestly.


Parents will be reminded of their right to withdraw in writing prior to lessons. To withdraw pupils, parents need to discuss this with the Head Teacher, or return the withdrawal form to school.


Core Curriculum Areas

English, Mathematics, Science and Computing are a the forefront of our curriculum focus.  We teach both English and Mathematics daily with the continual development and application of their core knowledge and understanding through other curriculum areas.  Our Computing Suite in used regularly for both discrete computing sessions, led by our ICT coordinator and cross curricular sessions throughout the school day.  Our science curriculum focuses on practical investigation through hands on learning, developing deep levels of questioning and thinking.   Further information about the teaching and learning of these subjects can be found in the subject icons at the bottom of this page.



Pupils participate in two P.E. sessions each week. 
Pupils in Year 4 attend swimming lessons each Monday.
Jewellery is not permitted in P.E. sessions.  All children are required to follow the dress policy for all lessons that require physical activity.


Other Curriculum Areas

P.S.H.E. is taught at the beginning of each term to link with related

Subjects are taught through a creative curriculum.

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