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Birch - Mr Askwith

Children will need to access Google Classroom for live lessons. If you still are unable to access Google Classroom you will need to contact the school.

Welcome to Mr Askwith's Class Home Learning Page

All work that needs to be written down should be done in your home learning workbook you were sent. All passwords that you need are also in this pack.

Mathletics    ( )
Reading Plus          TTR        Spelling & Grammar (School code - hpkl)


This Weeks Home Learning

Fridays Maths Lesson is now on Google Classroom, please watch the video and complete the questions. You can also watch it here: 


Monday Link 1 -  
Monday Link 2 - What is the geography of Northern Ireland? (  



Tuesday Link 1 -

Tuesday Link 2 - How is sedimentary rock formed? (  


Wednesday Link 1: 

Wednesday Link 2 - Who was Jesus? (  


Thursday Link 1 - Autumn Week 10 - Number: Multiplication & Division | White Rose Maths   (Multiply by 1 and 0)
Thursday Link 2 - 

Thursday Link 3 -


Friday - Spellings
Copy the word out 5 times and write a sentence for each word.

Year 3 – forgetting, forgotten, beginning, beginner, preferred, preferring, occurred, occurring, forbidden, committed

Year 4 – information, preparation, education, location, exaggeration, concentration, imagination, organisation.


If you are not sure of a word, ask an adult or use the internet to find the meaning of the word.

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