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Tesco Eat Happy Project/Farm to Fork 

We have been taking part in the Tesco Eat Happy Project on a Friday afternoon.  Today we visited Tesco Extra Gateshead and completed the Explore the Store Trail.

We were shown around the store by Margaret and she was very nice.  We went into the bakery and had a look at how they make bread. We looked around the store and even behind the 'Staff Only' doors.  We even went into a real freezer, it was really cold! 

We arrived at the store. We were all very excited.



We arrived at the store.  We were very excited!



Fruit and Veg hunt




The first task was to do a rainbow fruit and veg hunt.




The Freezer!

We went into a huge freezer. We didn't stay in long, it was freeeeezing!





BakeryWhen we went into the bakery it was great! We got to taste 3 different types of baton bread.








We all had the opportunity to taste a variety of cheeses.  






Tuna steaks are not what we thought they were! We explored the fish counter.





It was an amazing morning.  We really enjoyed it and we learned all about what goes on behind the scenes in Tesco Extra Gateshead.  

We are so lucky!!

We have been given this fantastic opportunity to go and see James and the Giant Peach and it is not going to cost anything.  We are really looking forward to this. 



Out and about in Science. 

We have been out and about in Science.  

Take a look!



We have been out and about finding 'creatures' in the local environment as part of our science topic. 

We have been looking around the school grounds and have even been up to the woods!

Take a look at our was great fun!

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