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Creative Homework

This term we will be learning about earth and space. Below is a link to the list of activities you can complete for homework this term.

You must complete at least two activities this term.

Progress Check (we will check to see how much you have achieved so far) -

Wednesday 31st January 2018


Date Due Back (this is the final date work must be completed by) — 

Wednesday 21st February 2018


Some of the work will be best done in your book but it might be easier to do other pieces separately and we will take photographs to stick them in your book. Your work will be checked on Wednesday 31st January to see what progress you have made. If you are stuck, want some help with something or need some ideas to get you started then ask me (Miss Tahir) or Mrs Bailey in school – we will be more than happy to help. You can go to homework club on Wednesday or Thursday if you would like to complete a task at school.


You must complete at least 2 tasks of your choice. Remember to take care of your presentation and use the time to create the best work you have ever created! You have 6 weeks to complete the 2 tasks of your choice. To stay on track we advise you complete at least 1 task every 2 weeks.


You might find the websites below helpful with some of your work:



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